Product Specifications - Agilent E4408B Options A4H, HPIB, Parallel Port


The ESA Series mid-performance spectrum analyzer provides the best overall performance with proven and guaranteed specifications. This general-purpose spectrum analyzer is suitable for the bench-top, in manufacturing, or in service environments. It provides you with the speed and accuracy you need. Solution-focused configurations are available on the ESA, which significantly simplifies the configuration and the ordering process. As a result, you get more favorable prices, and the best overall value.

ESA-L Basic Analyzer

The ESA-L Basic instrument configuration (options BAS and BTG) provides basic spectrum analysis with both accuracy and the speed of 5 ms RF sweeps. For fieldwork, the portable analyzers have a weather-resistant front panel that allows operation in rain and high humidity. This analyzer delivers basic, quality, spectrum analysis on RF or microwave signals at an affordable price.

E4408B Specs:
. 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz frequency range
. 1.1 dB overall amplitude accuracy
. 100 Hz to 5 MHz RBW
. +7.5 dBm TOI

. HPIB HP General Purpose Instrument Bus Interface
. PCL3 Monochrome Parallel Printer Interface
. 5 minute warm-up to guaranteed measurement accuracy
. Rugged design, weather resistant, snap on battery pack (option not included)
. Fastest sweep time for its class (4 ms minimum)
. Multiformat RF power measurement suite includes one-button measurement routines for: TOI, ACPR, OBW, CCDF, multicarrier ACP, SEM, harmonic distortion, spurious emissions, burst power
. Large, high-resolution, monochrome LCD display
. Context sensitive one button help for greatest ease of use

. Option A4H adds IEEE-488 bus connector and parallel port
. Rack mounting Tray

Used, excellent condition only 28034 Hrs
Includes Manuals and Rack Mount

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